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Here's What Some Of Our Satisfied Customers Say About SMOKO
After 20 years of smoking "taylor made" cigarettes I can honestly say I prefer using SMOKO products.
My young daughter has also commented that I no longer stink of cigarettes. If you are looking for a cleaner, cheaper and a more flavourful smoking experience I thoroughly recommend SMOKO. 
James, Watford
I've been using SMOKO for a while now and will always be a returning customer while I still choose to smoke e-cigs. The staff have always been really helpful and kind either in the shop, over the phone or via email. So a big thank you to everyone at SMOKO, I certainly couldn't have done it without you and I won't ever be going back to cigarettes!
Rachel, East Sussex 
I smoked between 16 and 25 cigarettes a day for 10 years, with a young family I was desperate to quit smoking, but could never manage more than a couple of weeks without starting up again.  Using SMOKO I now haven't touched a proper cigarette for over 18 months.  I've tried others, but found the flavours unpleasant and also found they gave me a sore throat after a few days.  I no longer smell of smoke all the time and feel healthier than I have for years.
Ben, Kent
After 50 years of smoking 15 - 20 cigarettes a day I finally found SMOKO and the resolve to give it a try. Haven't had a proper cigarette since before Christmas 2015, and no longer have the hacking cough I use to wake up to each morning. I would say I'd put the money saved towards a gym subscription, but one step at a time!
Mike, Sussex
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